Rental bookings made simple
screenshot of the Calendaria user interface on desktop
screenshot of the Calendaria user interface on mobile

Calendaria is an online booking management system that is specifically made to cater to the needs of dress hire small business. We have something to suit everyone, whether you're operating just via Instagram and simply need to streamline your bookings process and better organise your business, or have a full website and are ready to go all out and take all of your bookings online.

All options are designed to save you time and stress – we understand the hours of hard work that business owners invest into their companies and designed this program to help take the load off your shoulders. Calendaria provides the foundations for a successful rental business to thrive.

Easy organisation
Calendaria is essential if you're running a dress hire business, big or small. Neatly organise your list of hires, week by week. Add, edit or delete bookings hassle-free. Say goodbye to accidentally double booking dresses, bulky diaries, messy lists and typing everything by hand.
Quick and easy access to all your past and upcoming bookings for all your business members. On the go, wherever you need it, whenever you have an internet connection.
We have pricing options to suit everyone, whether you're renting 10 dresses per week or 100+. Starting at just $20 a fortnight, you won't find a cheaper comparable product on the market, period.


Features Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Quickly and easily add, edit, and delete rental bookings check_circle check_circle check_circle
Bookings displayed for each week and automatically organised check_circle check_circle check_circle
Click on a customer name to bring up their full hire history with you check_circle check_circle check_circle
Easily access the list of hires you have booked for any particular day or week check_circle check_circle check_circle
Hire periods cannot overlap, meaning no double bookings! check_circle check_circle check_circle
Hide postal hires from your display if postal delivery is not part of your business check_circle check_circle check_circle
Change your default weekly display if your regular hire week isn't Tuesday – Monday check_circle check_circle check_circle
Set your own time zone check_circle check_circle check_circle
Display garment availability on your website for clients horizontal_rule check_circle check_circle
Customers can book and pay for hires online via your website horizontal_rule horizontal_rule check_circle
Customer can add postage at checkout (or you can hide this if you do not post) horizontal_rule horizontal_rule check_circle
Bookings made online are automatically integrated with your backend list horizontal_rule horizontal_rule check_circle
Assistance integrating with your website (optional) N/A $30 one off fee $30 one off fee
We'd love to discuss how we can help simplify your booking process. So what are you waiting for?